Getting married is one of the most joyful experiences a person can have in this life; paying for that wedding, on the other hand, warms the heart a little less. But even if you’re having to pull your purse strings tight, you can still have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Read on for the ultimate wedding budget checklist from Money Ladder.

Keep the Guest List Manageable

Obviously you want to have as many people as possible share in the most special day of your life, but phoning up TJ from fifth grade to ask if he wants to see you get hitched might be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Trimming the guest list to only the people who matter most to you will keep things like catering and accommodations far more manageable in terms of price.

Try a Unique Venue

Everyone hears the classic chime of the church bells in their heads when they imagine getting married, but your wedding budget checklist could benefit from the increasingly popular choice to get married in parks, beaches, gardens, beautiful backyards, and other outdoor spots as well. If you’re struggling with ways to get married on a small budget, how about trying a venue that doesn’t require a down payment?

Time it Right

Resources like Wedding Wire are great for seeing when the most popular times and dates to get married are. The more popular the day is, the more things like venue reservation and catering tend to cost, so make sure to factor that into your wedding budget checklist.

Dress for Success

Wedding dresses are all things gorgeous, expensive, and massively impractical, considering you’re ideally only going to wear it once. Buying secondhand from a bridal consignment site allows you to save big money on your dress, and you can even resell it once your special day has wrapped up! You may also consider wearing a vintage or heirloom dress, handed down by a beloved mother, grandmother, or aunt, for extra sentimental meaning on your big day.

Get Your Friends to Help

Odds are good that any of your married friends can be a great boon to your wedding budget checklist. Lots of people keep things like accessories and decorations from their wedding around for sentimental reasons, and if they fit in with the theme of your wedding as well there’s no reason not to give them a second life for your own union.

Send Digital Invitations

Sending paper invitations becomes an unexpectedly massive expense once you factor in things like postage and custom calligraphy. Digital invitations will not only completely eliminate these expenses, they’re a lot better for the environment as well.

Buy Flowers Practically

No wedding budget checklist is complete without flowers, but making sure you stick to ones that are blooming in the season of your wedding is a wise choice if you need to figure out how to get married on a small budget. You can also use larger flowers to take up more space and save on that crucial but always unexpected per-stem cost.


Make it Picture Perfect

An effective and professional wedding photographer will save you bundles on man hours and wasted shots. If you limit your photographer’s scheduled hours and research to make sure they’re the type to use their film judiciously, you’ll be able to tick “photography” off your wedding budget checklist with the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting great mementos at a fine value.

Just Desserts

A massive wedding cake is the traditional option, but as this list has probably demonstrated by now, the nontraditional options are usually cheaper and can be a lot of fun for you and your guests as well. Consider investing in a lovely custom cake from a bakery to take a load off your wedding budget checklist, or even think about catering a dessert platter so each guest can get a treat that matches their own taste.

Bottoms Up, Wallets Closed

It’s tempting to have a menagerie of booze available at the open bar, but anyone who’s ever sprung big at a liquor store knows that whiskey and gin of good quality doesn’t come cheap. Keep your drink list limited to nice craft beers and tasty but sensibly priced wines, and you’ll figure out how to get married on a small budget in no time flat. 

Learn More at Money Ladder

Your personal wedding budget checklist is only one of an incredible number of life expenses we can help you save on at Money Ladder. Our Life Success Program is a surefire way to make sure you’re making the spending choices in your daily life that will lead to you having plenty of money for the wedding of your dreams in the long run. And if debt is making your wedding budget checklist an even scarier prospect, we’ve got help for you there too.

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